Trendy Application and Use

With smovey you can do many exercises, which work to strengthen your musculature, increase joint mobility, and increase your balance. smovey can also target and strengthen intrinsic and deep muscles in the back (tension), ccordination (fall prevention, dynamic sitting), and bodily cognition (relaxation). Additionally, through many different movements, smovey can result in many other benefits and effects.

Tip: The different swing variations are practical for every layer of the body!

For children and youth, the focus of smovey is targeted above all to "get them going", followed by a cool down, and to improve coordination while at the same time bringing excitement and fun through training with friends (regardless of indoor | outdoor | aqua etc.)


Overview of Possible Applications

  • smoveySCHOOLBOXX


    “Only in a healthy body can a healthy spirit thrive!” Something we’ve learned for generations!"




    With smovey, so many ecercises are available!

    Care to dance?


  • smoveyDANCE







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